The Amazon Impact

5How America’s Largest Online Retailer is
Impacting the Golf Industry

Amazon is the largest Online Retailer in America and an expanding force in selling golf merchandise. However, serious golfers’ attitude about their general Amazon experience, as well as Amazon’s role in selling golf products, has never been objectively analyzed.  This new study will investigate golfers’ attitudes and preferences about the Amazon experience.

A total of 1,200 Serious Golfers responded to the survey in 4th Quarter 2017, with 881 having ever purchased from Amazon and forming the basis of the full analysis.

Key Questions Investigated:

  • Usage of Amazon to buy any product
  • Usage of Amazon to buy golf products
  • If not, why not and do they think they will ever buy from Amazon?
  • Customer Satisfaction/Net Promoter Score of Amazon
  • Attitudes and perceptions about Amazon pricing
  • Will golfers pay more to buy from Amazon?
  • Why do golfers buy from Amazon?
  • When making a purchase from Amazon, how important is the “seller” to the purchase process? What about “fulfilled by Amazon”?
  • How many are Amazon Prime members?
  • How important is Amazon Prime to making a golf purchase decision?
  • What golf products have they ever purchased from Amazon?
  • Which categories of products have been purchased in the past year?
  • What % of total golf purchases were made on Amazon?
  • How likely are respondents to buy specific products (Balls, Bags, Driver, Irons, Wedges, Putter, Shirt, Shorts/skorts, Sweater, Jacket, Rainwear, Golf Gloves, Golf Shoes, Distance Devices, Grips, and Training Aids) from Amazon in the future?
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of buying golf products on Amazon?
  • Channel preferences if “all things were equal” (price, product)?

Cross Tabs:

  • By Amazon Prime Users. How does Amazon Prime impact loyalty/usage?
  • Insights into those that had been Prime Members, but no longer are. Why?
  • Insights into golf clubs, golf consumables, and golf apparel purchases on Amazon
  • By Gender
  • By Age
  • By Handicap
  • By Facility Type played most often
  • By Household Income
  • By Brand of Product (balls, drivers, irons, putters, wedges, shoes, gloves) used most often?
  • By Retailer currently used most often to buy golf products (On Course, Off Course Specialty, Custom Fitting specialist, Sporting Goods, Online Retailer, etc.)

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