Golf Product Attitude and Usage Study

Golf Datatech’s Golf Product Attitudes and Usage (GPAU) Study has become the most utilized consumer omnibus research tool in the industry. The GPAU studies have been conducted twice per year since the spring of 1999 and cover consumer perceptions of the brands of golf balls, golf clubs, golf media and various topics of interest to Serious Golfers (e.g. Internet usage, Tour player awareness, conforming equipment, etc). The GPAU also provides a synopsis of current product usage as well as insights into planned purchase intent over the next season. Conducted in the spring (February-March) and summer (July-August), the GPAU provides a snapshot of the golf industry before the peak hard goods season and again as the season draws to a close.

Each wave represents interviews with 1,000 Serious Golfers for balls, and an equal but separate 1,000 golfers for clubs, bringing the total to 2,000 respondents per wave. The first third of the analysis is the same for both balls and clubs and is referred to as the “Marketing and Media” section. Historical trending of these reports delivers unmatched insight into the changes of golfers’ perceptions.

Since the spring of 1999, the demographics and “golfographics” of the respondents have remained relatively stable. On average, 90% of the respondents are male, with a mean age of around 49 and play about 60+ rounds of golf per year. Their average handicap is 15, and the bulk of respondents play most of their golf on public access facilities, with 20% private club members. Household incomes of the serious golfer average about $120,000.

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